Alright morons spring break is fucking OVER, if you’re under 40 get the fuck back to work.

No wonder why I’ve been big, I’ve always been about the bread💰✊👏

Keep your eyes on the finish line and not on the turmoil around you.,.....@Amgmedikal

🌸 Let Me Be Your Reliable Avon 🌸 Full Brochure available on Request 🌸 Distance is not a barrier 🌸 Cash on Delivery 🚚 🌸🌸Those who want to join and sell Avon they are also welcom 🌸🌸 ☎️ Call / What’s App 0813288275 Rudzi 😊

Hey You! You ain't ugly oh You just no get money yet 🤞🏽

However hard a lizard would do press up, it will never have an alligator’s chest

Let's practice intentional gratitude. What happened today that you're grateful for?

Everybody grows at a different pace. If you do not succeed as fast as someone, it may be disheartening. But trust the process and learn from them, what works and what doesn't. Consistency will outlast even those with the most talent. Keep going.

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