Happy birthday, Bill. A short video, working in my latest artwork. I don't want your money, but a RT would be awesome ✨

Only Fear, No Help. By Sydney Allen (me hehe) . . Illustration based on prompt “lost in useless territory” for my weekly assignment . .

a little sketch of a photo I took last summer in salem... things were looking up & i only listened to round and round by ariel pink during the drives back from work😔✊

Can't offer much right now as I'm crunching work on assignments, but have a couple of wee character designs! These guys are in Petrichor.

M I S S G ~ s e n s e i ! That moment where she starts to shuffle her index cards, mapapayuko ka nalang. 😂 An artwork suggestion by - Ms. G!!! Share your Ms. G memories mga alagad ng Room 247 🔥

I am an illustrator. This image uploaded on Twitter is provided free of charge.

Coles Phillips, a popular of the 1910s-20s, designed ads & covers for magazines such as Life & Good Housekeeping. He is best known for his iconic “fadeaway girls," whose clothes blend into a same-colored background while still suggesting the subject's outline.

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