Modern Monday! Local Comic Shop Day 2019 exclusive variant of Absolute Carnage issue 5. White covers are a weakness of mine... - - - #2019

...this delectable sowing box, that I retrieved from a rubbish skip after someone had foolishly thrown it out. It has a leg missing and requires support to remain upright. But despite that it is incredibly useful... there’s magic within each layer of the box!

A little side sketch after finishing up a recent commission on wood. 'Red King,Blue Queen'

❦The synergy of wisdom and imagination transform our energy into our most creative force. ~Anne Scottlin

Another for your enjoyment! It may make for a fun game to try this weekend on a video chat with friends or family.

My friends and I used to get very excited when we found these on the bank at my . They were part of school myth - that you got poisoned if you touched them! They are actually caused by gall mites, which is also interesting but not as fun

The is a palette of bright colors. You can use it to touch up memories — or you can use it to paint dreams. R Brault

M: You are going to forget about me. J: I could never do that, Mark. M: I'm not sure. J: Hey, I love you. It's okay? It will only be a year, please be patient. Wait for me. M: I love you too, please don't forget me. J: Never. ❤️

Experience will give you most of the answers; imagination will give you the rest.

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