LUNCHTIME!! Roasted kohlrabi with parmigiano reggiano cheese. Went to farmer's market today with breakallegro and picked up some veggies. Very excited for dinner tonight. . .

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[200708 IG UPDATE] Trans: “Which do you like between office look and marine look? #🦊” t/n - Agibbang means baby bread in Korean, it’s I.N’s nickname

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On January 4 2021 Smash Hit: The Rider Pinoy Big Brother House Sweet Home Kapamilya Channel ❤️💙💚 Smash Hit #2021 NetApp Philippines Surface Edition The Gone Fail Lost Ing Wala? Pinoy Big…

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This vile post was made by - who actually works for the . She posted it on both and . A more abusive post you will rarely see. I want you to look closely at the first two maps.... 1/5

Actor & Pro-wrestling legend has been named the highest paid celebrity on . According to marketing firm Hopper HQ, Johnson, who has 183 million followers, charges around 1,015,000 dollars for a single sponsored post.

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