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that the Covid 19 death toll in the (tiny) UK is so high, but in Russia, a huge country, which has a much higher case total, has a much lower death toll????? Boris and his cronies have an awful lot to answer for!

that from day one of this coronavirus outbreak we have been led by a lying,useless,criminally negligent,privileged lump of Eton Lard?No it isn't.

that a new term has entered the golf vocabulary. We now have a Dominic Cummings - you can drive out of bounds with no penalty.

New lyrics to 'Footballs coming home' Three liars on a Podium Never stopped them dreaming 38 thousand families hurt Cummings is beaming He's got to go He's got to go He's got to... Johnson's Got to Go Next verse please

that those who thought was a wanker now have what some may say is evidence that he is?

Dominic Cummings was seen at the NRL game between the Roosters and Rabbitohs?

that 2 million small limited companies are getting NO financial support from gov - which means job losses and bankrupt businesses?

that the government launched an investigation to discover who in the civil service suggested the government’s response to the Dominic Cummings lockdown breach was arrogant and offensive, but not into Dominic Cummings himself who made the actual breach?

that yet again domonic Cummings has flouted lockdown rules to go watch south's v roosters today?????

for BA to go ahead with 43000 redundancies and then rehire 31000 on inferior t&cs along with a 50% pay cut

that black CNN journalist Omar Jimenez got arrested when he was clearly complying with the police yet the monster who murdered George Floyd lost his job but is still free?

that not one of the castles in Wales do eye tests?

that U.S. law has just basically stated that one of these men are doing their job so badly that it warrants an arrest - and it’s not the one that involves actual documented murder?

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that the internet has given us some quite frankly spectacular memes and other material regarding Dominic Cummings? Yes it bloody well is!!

Emily Maitlis gets replaced but Cummings doesn’t?

that dickhead of the year isn't until the end of the year and we already know who's going to win

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