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| One out of every three Italian patients seen by Cuban doctors has been discharged so far.

Over one million visitors last year. The ancient Greek-Roman theater of Taormina in Sicily, Italy. It is now closed: 馃嚠馃嚬 馃彔

The reason why Germany is a successful country compared to Italy is because Germans share the same civic commitment and the same work ethic from Denmark to Tyrol, while the people of Northern Italy have an entirely different work ethic than the people from Southern Italy.

馃悎 Finally letting the cat out of the bag! Happy & proud to announce that I have joined , as their new and very first director for , and this global team of dedicated & professional animal advocates. Although times are hard, our work for the animals never stops!

The people of will not forget the kindness of in their fight against - Nor will they forget the lack of Solidarity exposed in the . Sadly, Neoliberalism has captured the soul of the European Union - It must change, or it will perish ...

The Russian Ministry of Defense revealed on April 3, that the contributed in the construction of a field hospital in 鈥檚 that suffers from a major outbreak of the .

In this case series of critically ill patients admitted to ICUs in , , w laboratory-confirmed , a high proportion required mechanical ventilation and ICU mortality was 26% as of March 25, 2020

The flag of is seen raised next to the Palestinian flag at "Manarat al-Asra" square in occupied to show solidarity amid the global plight.

Nariman Ardelani, Dentist in There are some Int'l standards for physicians per capita and hospital beds per capita. lacks to meet it and that's where the problem starts! Regime uses medical services required for whole country on its military and to fund its proxies.

Hands down, Gigi the cat 馃悎 is the best stay-at-home Goalkeeper in at moment. Blocked 9/10 shots:

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