Next best thing to spinning in a nightclub . . . 🌈 lil clip of my set for track ➡️ Revenge is Not Sweet’ lucidflowrecords ⚡️⚡️

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Dear Sir, I request for a VBM flight from India to Italy for students who came back to India and are unable to return to Italy because of the airspace restrictions. Please understand that our careers, thesis, internship, are at stake!

Rome reopens to the world. Many airlines restarting flights today, almost 4 months since imposed the first national lockdown.

30 June 1944 | A transport of around 1,000 Jews - men, women & children deported by Germans from Fossoli di Carpi in occupied arrived at . SS doctors during the selection sent 180 men & 50 women to the camp. The remaining people were murdered in a gas chamber.

A WORLD IN RUINS Red Cross Hospital-Italy 'Sacra Familglia' In the hills in N.Italy, abandoned children’s hospital. Founded in the early 1900s & closed in the 1980s. A religious children's colony for holistic treatments for respiratory diseases, now in ruins.

transition cycle of 28 days at same place, same time. via: gioyhofer. 🇮🇹

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