75 years ago: One of the greatest ships ever built, 's is sacrificed in a futile gesture trying to attack US forces invading . More than 3,000 sailors aboard YAMATO died, while 5 of her 9 escorts were also sunk by US Navy carrier aircraft

Why Japanese 🇯🇵 is a brilliant language: Humming is a nose song Socks are under-shoes A hangover is two days of drunkeness Fireworks are fire flowers A tap/faucet is a snake mouth Western food is a horizontal meal

I am thrilled to share that I have been awarded a research grant: JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists.  Looking forward to 3 years of exciting multi-sited research on Precarity in Intra-Asian Labour Migration .

iPads attached to robots stand in for graduating students at a ceremony in Tokyo, . More photos of schools in the time of coronavirus: BBT University of japan

The Best time in Japan. Cherry Blossom Time.

I think that’s enough text on the screen, TV station. Poor Abe san is nearly hidden.

Today announced preparations to prepare for the preparedness to not be unprepared to prepare for preparatory preparations to 👍

’s Deputy Prime Minister, Taro Aso, slams WHO for supporting communist China's propaganda amid coronavirus outbreak, saying it should be renamed the “China Health Organization.”

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