Released today.. A very interesting conversational styled book on how to succeed in business. ಅವಳಿ ಜವಳಿ ಸೂತ್ರಗಳು ಇಬುಕ್

B. S. Yediyurappa: We want Captain Manivannan back!!! - Sign the Petition! via 2 All Concerned Please Sign This Petition!

Numbskull can't get it that everyone pays taxes and the so called subsidised rates is a way the govt is doing its job of taking care of the people. Dear please knock some sense into this LIAR's cranium

Someone chock full of shit is complaining that there's no Eau de Parfum. How do you let this LYING SCUM keep at this even during a pandemic?

Nice Read!, Tales of Migrant Construction Labours! B'coz of Statement's!, Made 2 Repent & Offer Free Buses 2 Our Own Fellow ! @NaveenMIRROR

Use split screen mode on Android phone android phone nalli split screen ಬಳಸಿ.

Still ridiculous! They bring NRI's for free of cost ...Send interstate migrants for no charges ..but they kill

Please suggest me a proper news channel for updates.. It's getting ridiculous these days.. to get a proper form of information from these crappy channels! help madi

Hey there Folks Tammallarige 🙏 Namskara 🙏 Let me introduce to you Our' 1true 👑 of Thank you sire Your efforts has made you versatile and creative. 🙏🙏

are tolerating this attack on a and national luminary and intellectual is unacceptable!!

My Kannada blog article https://hareeshaas.word ಜೇನುಹುಳುಗಳೊಂದಿಗೆ-ಭಾಗ-4 Find link or Google as "Aresanyasi" blog. . .

Practice hygiene , follow guidelines and witness Thanks to the technology & emotions that enables building strong human bonds & at the same time helps practising ...

Proud moment to when is being played in in Andaman while traveling from Port Blair to Swaraj dweep(Havelock), Thank u and for taking Kannada industry into new heights, Waiting for .

Writer, actor, director and true visionary. One of the brothers behind iconic serial 'Malgudi Days'. We miss you sir 🙏

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