Very happy with my latest Vintage Star Wars purchase. Pretty clear bubble for one of these.

One of my first Kenner Collector Cards, along with Dimetrodon’s, was this terrifying image of a hapless (and rather svelte) Dennis Nedry being quietly surrounded by a pack of bloodthirsty Dilophosaurus. Full caption:

Vintage Star Wars...getting the band back together! Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band upgraded and complete!

So this is what I’ve been collecting these past few months 80’s Greatness

Just picked up this 1978 HongKong $80 at a flea market the question is how do I glue the bubble on the card or is that damaging the card? this is how I bought him. (Please)I Must know how to repare it or let it stay as is what is your advice?

Rhino Alien! The latest tribute from Quite the beast of a figure! Video is up on my channel now:

Kenner Space Marine goodness! New review of the Tribute Drake figure is up now: Thanks for watching!!

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