Arsenalna Metro Station in Kyiv, Ukraine: The deepest metro station in the world - Opened in 1960 the was named after the Arsenal factory. About 105 metre above the ground, it is the deepest station in the world.

: The militarization of does not help reduce military tension and supports the “party of war” in with its military aspirations against

: Unwillingness of to coordinate with modalities of crossing contact line during COVID-19 pandemic leads to critical situations - in the night of June 26-27, dozens of people were “stuck” in the so-called "gray zone" near the checkpoint "Elenovka"

: Instead of amnesty, proposes to “clean up” the region from dissent on the basis of some “special model of legal proceedings” (another new concept recently proposed by Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration, deputy head of Ukr delegation in TCG A.Reznikov)

: On the pretext of the suddenly appeared “red lines”, representatives of block any progress on the key provisions of the “Package of Measures”

: imitates its involvement in the work on the implementation of the Minsk agreements, and sometimes evidently sabotages them

: Some of our Western partners deliberately avoid thoughtful and attentive reading of the Minsk Agreements, forgetting that concrete steps to fulfill the obligations should be taken by the parties to the internal Ukrainian conflict - , and

The top from Hyatt Regency hotel in Kyiv offers unique panoramic overviews like St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery and many more.

: On 1 July, UNSC unanimously adopted resolution in support of the UN SecGen A.Guterres’s appeal for immediate global ceasefire amid the COVID-19 pandemic. High time for to respond to respective propositions from and within TCG

…However it remains unclear as to why I am modelling “lockdown” hair as this was filmed in February ..

On 20 June 1863 Emperor Alexander II signed the Charter of the 🇷🇺 Russian Imperial Universities giving them a high degree of autonomy & establishing a progressive ruleset for the , , , , , & universities 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓

"Ukraine: We are all orphans of the Soviet Union." Catholic Radio and Television Network. : Acts of the Apostles, 2000 years after St. Andrew sojourned there for the glory of God and Jesus Christ. Placed Cross on hill and prophesied. to Underground

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