"' elicit such a response from because the 's Achilles’ heel is its dependence on the Western financial system. Its elite uses capital markets and payment systems to launder their loot and legitimise their ill-gotten wealth."

promises reciprocal steps over new sanctions against Russians

will retaliate to the UK’s post-Brexit sanction regime, which directly targeted a number of Russian individuals - Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday.

Chinese state media amplified conspiracies regarding "secret biolabs" and aired YouTube videos in multiple languages purporting these labs to be the potential source of , attempting to sow doubt about the origins of the pandemic:

For the past several weeks, I've been exposing the Russian efforts against PL. It drives Russian nuts. In response, the 's mouthpiece Sputnik has spread rumors about my activity, family ties, and suggested Russia is under information attack by Poland.

Thread: 🤯Recent worldwide trend in critical revision of that culminates in toppling of statues of racist and colonialist figures of the past only strengthens ’s resolve to lead its citizens in completely opposite direction – to keep promoting image of .

6 years ago -backed terrorists were kicked off and . We will come back to and as well. I know - it’s hard, some more patience please, dear compatriots.

’s been worth more that for years. He’s laughing in the . 🤦‍♂️

datenfips: RT franzen_simon: This is a joke?? 😂 Someone tried to access some restricted pages. No luck for him/her. Reverse geo search leads me to this location ReflectaNetwork

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