"He (Mariah's father) said, 'You were always a star in my eyes.' Which was very meaningful, because to a lot of people you're really not worth anything unless you're raking in the dough and having No. 1 hits." ❤ 🌻 🦋🇺🇸

Long Sox family grew by one today when Holden and Kylie welcomed Thompson to the family! Congrats! Can't wait to get that little guy a bat!

I literally honestly think how boring my life would be if didn’t exist. I have followed Her throughout her career for almost 30 years now and live through many of her achievements and triumphs! She deserves every success! ❤️ LYM!

Still having 1 on 1s with my son even doe he don’t know about shit that’s going on 💯 ❤️

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