Who visits a mall on Christmas? Well when it's in the side of a cliff overlooking the Pacific, why not?

The view from Larcomar in Lima, Peru 🇵🇪 is one of the coolest views of a city next to the ocean. You can almost compare it to Honolulu!! But the seafood here is to die for

Getting my bearings in strings of flowers hung over the courtyard mall at @ Miraflores, Lima

Larcomar in Miraflores, Peru. The shopping centre is built into the cliffs overlooking the beach. It was designed by • • @ Miraflores, Larcomar

Along the seawalk in the Miraflores district is Larcomar. The first thing you'll notice about Larcomar is that you cannot see it. The entire complex is built into the side of a cliff on the coast of the Pacific Ocean underneath Miraflores. 🇵🇪

More pics from 's pre- trip. galore! Lots of walking - , & even an ancient burial ground - right in the middle of called Huaca Pucllana. Learn more about 's trips:

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