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It’s gonna be a great night, gotta earn it!birthday month! . . #michaelsantiagoacts #fuerzapuertorriqueño

Proud of my affiliation with NAHREP The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals and

For our LATINO PEOPLE! We are with you now and forever. . . #michaelsantiagoacts #headshot #modeling

Para el Pueblo LATINO! Estamos contigo ahora y siempre. . . #michaelsantiagoacts #headshot #modeling

When it comes from the heart , the words naturally flow ❤️🎶 #improvising #singing #bachata #bachatabeat

GET YOUR TICKETS! . #repost @sixxking ・・・ The most anticipated film of the year “Once Upon A

This is a very big deal for a lot of reasons, you really need to pay attention to this film. it’s

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Behind enemy lines, in the heart of the hipster stronghold. . . #michaelsantiagoacts #headshot #modeling

Everyone who lives in America know your rights ! Dont let them treat you like your an animal we will

My mom sent me these pictures from El Paso. My heart sank again. My love and condolences to my hometown,

Ugh! Too real 🤣 Fuck these people blaming video games for violent assholes who only want to bring

I've mostly lived in California these past five years and love Socal and the people I've met but El

I see you out here representing Boricua Puñeta!!!!@tonytycoon_stw #boricua #prparade #latinoandproud

This is the difference... If it were latinos we would be labeled as savages animals who infesting the

Make no mistake about it there's an agenda against us Latinos. Stay safe and be always aware of your

I❤️PERU Meet me at the Festival. Rockville town center! . . . . . . . . . . #peru #peruanos #perucho

How did I get stuck with such a crazy group of friends #coloradolocal #gayboy #faghags #cute #denver

Until next time Honduras 🇭🇳 you will be greatly missed 🙏 #catracho #honduras2019 #familyvacation

“Monday mornings are the start to you working towards your Dreams!” . Wait, did i just use an inspirational

The Five P’s Homie! . Proper preparation prevents poor performance! . . #michaelsantiagoacts #mealprep

A #tb cover of #laymedown by @samsmith I hope you guys enjoy it! *If you’re watching this follow @erict_95

Three immigrants. Four first generations Americans. A soon to be sister and the world’s cutest niece.

This International Non-Binary People’s Day, let’s look at 10 ways to be a better ally to nonbinary,

I stand for humanity... I stand with ppl seeking a better life... I stand for keeping families together...

John Leguizamo's Latin History for Morons with Momma and Future wifey #c2 #csquared2019 #latinopower

Aqui escuchando la próxima bombita @okeiflou 🔥🌎

Where do I begin with “A Wrinkle In Time”? Who knew that the best cast I’d ever have in college

You guys ARENT READY ! Big things coming from @orquestalosdivos_oficial ! OUR FIRST OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

The final thing I performed in Walla Walla before moving to LA was for the afterparty for @caravanofglam

This is #musicofthenight also from @phantomtour this was a request made by @vicuofficial so I wanted

Interning at the Neonatal and NICU wing during this month is more than what I could have ever asked

And remember... Smolder! Lol kidding obviously, but enjoy the new HEADSHOT 😎 . . 📸: @tregs11 👈🏼🔥🔥🔥 #michaelsantiagoacts

My best friend ❤️ @_vedmaxo_ #iloveyou #fuckingbeautiful #hersmile she’s gonna kill me for the

Thanks @6abcactionnews for the opportunity to talk to you about this great event for the pups! . . #michaelsantiagoacts

Serving you Job Fair Please Someone Fucking Hire Me For The Love Of God Before I Starve To Death...Uhhh,

According to the U.S. Cenus, Latinos make up 17% of the populations. Also, according to the Motion Picture

Latinos are more likely to be portrayed as a criminal, gardener, or a maid than another other profession

Clip from an upcoming film i was in called “The Drop”. Coming soon!! 🎥🎬 . #michaelsantiagoacts

Promo piece i did for a shaving lotion, pretty cool stuff!! . . #michaelsantiagoacts #commercials #modeling

There’s nothing like dancing with the one you love ❤️💃🏽 con mi Reina 👸🏽💃🏽🇬🇾

Be a model they said. . . Be a fucking model lol 😂 . . #model #prince #UBGang #latinoheat #latinolove