Now the whole of the U.K understands how it felt to be an Arsenal fan last year...

So many right wing fucknuggets up in arms that Led By Donkeys drove past the media at Dom's house on their way to Downing St. They knew the house was empty.

This is so accurate and hilariously funny all at the same time!

Our Government are an absolute f*&king disgrace 🤬..BUT we, the people of this Country are amazing, we have and are following rules to keep ourselves safe and others too..I am actually embarrassed of who we are being led by!

I feel like someone could take a picture of Dominic Cummings standing next to Barnard Castle holding a dated newspaper wearing a hat saying "I am breaking lockdown" and certain people on here would still say: "Ah but was it taken with a left wing camera?"

Led by Donkeys just turned up outside the Cummings door apparently.

Unsolicited propaganda shoved in Dominic Cummings' face? Very hard to have sympathy for that considering his modus operandi.

Cummings BROKE THE LAW, not once but TWICE, that we know of, he MUST be sacked . Well done

You forget we've had 4 years of this crap. Plenty time to get organised and speak truth to power. So not extremists. Quite the opposite. Reasonable holding Govt to account. The extremists are in power.

Just seen the perfect response to someone asking “why hasn’t Boris fired Dominic Cummings?”: “For the same reason Emu never fired Rod Hull”. Yep, that just about covers it...

you are circling the wagons for Cummings, he’s clearly broken the rules you laid down. You know it, we know it, the Durham Constabulary have confirmed it and yet here we are, a disgraceful situation made worse by you lying for him.

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