(( hope im not too late 😥 )) hi! i'm gale, i've been hustling with digital handlettering practice after years in ink 🙈 more of my stuf on ig/galedraws_ !!!

The amazing is back to being her crazy-talented-self. She does typography, lettering and skills that haven't been named yet. Check out her Instagram page and also some of her recent work:

It's true, once vegetables can be steaks we can be anything we want to be!

1st lettering model in 3D. Two things to take into account: 1.-My pc last pretty much in rendering. 2.-Have to get better in lightnin.

question: does the "Raarr!" In the cat shaped word balloon read like a word balloon? In the first panel I show there's a cat and figure that's enough to establish he's off panel by the time we get to the second image. I was trying something clever, I hope it works.

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