Head over to Instagram and like the first “UNC” comment so we can bring home another ‘ship for the ACC’s best mascot‼️‼️

I swear I’m not stalking your timelines! I just logged off work and am refreshing the twitters constantly 😁

Watching The Bachelor reminds me of how thankful I am that my dad harped on how to speak intelligently

Imagine a drinking game where you took a shot Everytime one of these ladies says "like" Where do you find these women at.....❓

I’d press “Like” a million times on this tweet Truth!

You know Zuck , until you suspended me for 3 days for liking on Trump speech 1/14/19, I had no idea big tech was overtaken by communists. One year later, here we are.

Which one of these two are older - Andy or the ? We opened the port yesterday and it was delicious! Pop into the shop if you want to have a taste.

My only issue with this tweet is that I am limited to only 1 *Like*.

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