Fair play to our top class grounds team for maintaining our Park to a superb level 👌 Could do with some rain to help water the pitches 🌧

People will be back at work for a few weeks, kids at school etc, then the deaths will start rolling in and another will be announced and people won’t listen. Is that the plan , overwhelm us with death so we don’t notice , if it is then you’ve failed.

Piglet is a female Pug, please contact if you would like to adopt her after the Please read her write before applying to adopt her

Lucy 12-14 month smooth coated Lurcher, she will need a home after the contact if you would like to adopt her

No it’s ‘party (pun) time’! Let’s ‘celebrate’ one year of ‘our’ govt. Articles appear in 83 (typo?) newspapers ghost written for Mo-Sha and mantris. Carpet bomb TV channels where ‘journalists’ ask mantris soft Qs. Then give Oppn some air time to respond. Yippee!

Here is an informative video featuring Shri , about the precautions we need to take as India gets back to work, post the . Follow all safety protocols and hygienic practices to keep yourself and the ones around you safe, as .

Spain has today reported no related deaths for the second consecutive day. This follows a total of just 10 in the previous 5 days. It's very clear, the strict imposed by the Spanish Government has worked. Compare this to the shambolic in the UK!

Teasing Georgia hanging on to David’s every word ( and yes probably has made me slightly balmy but what the hell 😂)

I created this hamper for an older man who has no internet or TV access. Lots of people donated pre-loved books, and I added a few extra treats. Wanted to post this to give fellow Tweeters ideas to support those who may need a boost in the community during

Lockdown sex ban..... now illegal for couples who live in different homes to spend the night together! Does this count in the day?

Students and unemployed job aspirants all across the country have been hit hard due to the . They are not in a condition to pay rent right now. I request the respective state governments to bring a waiver for at least 4 months' rent for such students.

Matt Hancock claiming that the relaxation of for people was planned with consultation with GPs and Consultants. What an absolute liar! 😡

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