You argue the models are wrong but not when they defend your “argument.”

This is why more need to rise and run for Office. The only way to make PROGRESS is to BE Progressive and ! 💁🏼‍♀️

Shoplifting is bad because if everyone did it then there'd be no shop left to lift.

... “The biggest thank you of all, Sir Robert Bryson Hall. If you had never called, don’t know where I’d have gone.” ...

If your Twitter profile references a bible verse..it really brings your credibility into question .🤔 Let and prevail.

As an allegory: imagine medieval society, desired rustic ignorance. Highly superstitious, not religious, boor. Pope says, distressing times ahead. Only way to avoid demise is to pray. Every night, on knees, pray. Lo and behold. It worked. Let's make it a tradition.

..oneday, you are a disgrace mate, using nazi memorabilia to push your fantasy of a white nation, that is so low and disgusting. wake up this is America.

“Shout out to Wawa!! “ Yes nice of them to help! 👍 Remember they continue to make money hand over fist while they’re stores are packed! However, close the parks! Deer and rabbits? As I jogged through the woods, nothing but nature!

My kinda smartass. Seriously, if you take people at their word, there's usually some flaws to pick out.

I don’t know soccer strategy at all, but the point of soccer is to get the goal! So any time I’ve ever played FIFA I do 4-3-3 because I want as many people up front to get the goal

You cannot change an opinion using logic if logic wasn't used to form the opinion in the first place.

So cause they’re rich - from the cause that you’re saying they shouldn’t have left - they’re wrong to do charity?

I don't see how indiscriminate massive gains on no news precludes the end of the massive sell off? Marriott Hilton booking are shut in almost every state and their stocks, as well as bank, oil, credit, hospitality and travel are flying.

Why Spock breaks regulations: ⚪️ To save his father's life 🔘 To give Christopher Pike a happy ending

You go to war with what you HAVE, not what you NEED. Similarly, you look at a glass HALF FULL or HALF EMPTY. Now correlate those to the liberal media during this pandemic & you’ll determine problem creators vs problem solvers-Proud of my President 🇺🇸

If the government told us to use surgical masks if we feel unwell, why are they distributing cotton masks to the public? 🤨

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