"Catwalk" in progress. This one is based on a guitar riff I recorded years ago.

Using the fade tool for samples on and watching using to do the same jobs - seems to be getting to the results much more readily. Is this the software, skill or both?

"Feng Shui" being drafted. Balancing the volume of EP and Synth.

"Feng Shui" being drafted. Applying arpeggiator and finding its best setting.

"Alter Ego" in progress. Applying multiband compressor to the mix.

"Alter Ego" in progress. I'm trying to finalize how the tune ends.

Pro Tip: Use a programmable mouse when editing in Logic or Final Cut and assign Blade, Shuffle L and R to easy-to-reach buttons. It immensely speeds up your edit.

"Alert April" in progress. Layering different instruments for the main theme.

"Alert April" in progress. This is the breakdown going into the second motif.

Recorded some guitar loops to play with the new live looping in Logic. So far so good! 💛 🎸 🎧

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