Anyone looking up to see the tonight? Its stunning & no pollution in the air over to distort your view. Enjoy 🌔

‘He is not just our Prime Minister,he is our friend’-well said -many of us especially politicians have spent many hours with him,I have,and I’m so worried about him. Please bear in mind journalists when questioning, we are genuinely very upset.

Any pharmacies in central that need a spare pair of hands?! - I'm a registered and happy to help out during these difficult times

While our furniture store & upholstery workshop is temporarily closed we are helping cut & supply foam for NHS visors. Over 2000 already in use around more to follow

A glimpse of Spitalfields in as it used to be by Don McCullin. Not a hipster in sight.

Oh you are so very beautiful ❤ After the Mondayest of Mondays, this view is like a salve for the soul.

My favourite conversation from today: Approach older man sitting on bench to check he’s ok? “Hello...” “Leave me alone, you’re behaving like the Nazis!” “I’ve literally just said Hello...?!” **Storms Off** 🤷🏼‍♂️ 👀🤦🏼‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️

A man that died from the in this past Thursday has been identified today as Nadir Nuur. He was a local bus driver in Hackney and leaves behind three children. Rip man. The Coronavirus ain’t no joke.

Tonight, City Hall is lit with the colors of the flag as a token of solidarity with our partner city and with the British people as a whole. 🇬🇧

Who is "" Professor Dr Charles LIeber? Why was he arrested by American authorities in the USA? What was he doing in "Wuhan" the city where outbreak started?

Feeling better and walking in nature is good for the soul...🌿☀️🐿💦 Wishing everyone a happy beautiful and sending you all lots of ❤️💕

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