When you look into my eyes, you will find me there. But when you look into my heart, you will find yourself.❤❤❤ @ Al huda Mosque South b

I miss my Father dearly. He’s reason I am able to share some words of wisdom here and there in this life. He passed away three years ago and he taught me the value of staying humble. If your parents are still with you be sure to tell them you love them today if you’re able.

❦Open your eyes to nature’s beauty wherever you are—a bird, a tree, sunlight; celebrate that your life is a beautiful part of it... and simpler than you make it. ~Anne Scottlin

Today will be one of the toughest days of my life. My father passed away last week and today I have to go to where he lived and go through his stuff and get his vehicle. Prayers for my family and I please. Love you all

This is Reuben, a golden oldie (10) who is looking for and companionship, dogs are proving to be a life line for so many at the moment. Could Reuben be the Akita Shepard for you? He's a LOVELY dog. All his details and to make enquiries: RT pls?

💦💙 Good morning 💙 the sun isn't up yet and it's cloudy but I wanted to share these birds singing 🐦🐦🐦🐦 especially the loud one. It's all i hear for hours on end 💜 I you 💜

During these times I’m sure we all miss our family and friends we can’t see. Dad and I miss people but we’re trying our best to stay positive. We’re sending our love and paw hugs to you all. ❤️

❦An act of selfless kindness can brighten the darkest night along life's journey. ~Anne Scottlin

Good morning my dear friends 🤗☕🦋😉☀️! Wish you a good, sunny day. Keep smile and love 💕😁! "How lucky I am to find a treasure like you. You are one in the million you are my dream come true. You are my sunshine ". 💞 My new drawing "Love of my life".

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