😭i need love island drama again in my life smh Maura would be turning up tonight

Packing our bags to move to England. Accents are sexy and get to see live. Kayne is psycho.

Princess Jasmine costume😍😍Down to wrapping paper 😂😂😂 Disney needs to recognise Siannise 😂😂 Luke went all out 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

Can’t say I’m surprised Luke T went all out for Siânnise’s birthday🥺🤍 May we all find our own Luke!

I honestly don’t know how everybody keeps there calm with Cassidy in the villa I feel like punching my tv 😭😭😭

cassidy: “what’s desperate is when you pick someone you like who doesn’t pick you” millie: “so just like you and grant”

So Tayla is mad at Cassidy when she LITERALLY did the same thing to her WEEKS AGO.

Who else felt bad when Alana Morrison was eliminated from the villa and had to pack her bags?

If looks could kill! I wonder what Tayla was thinking of Cassidy here. The Aussie version of is compelling viewing. The twists and turns are amazing!

Continuing season 3 binge: comes off as cheerful, likable, considerate, and warm. Let's see what happens! (I didn't google the outcome yet).

People from the uk watching for the first time and seeing how much more brutal and unscripted it is compared to the uk version

Cassidy: I’ll just recouple with Grant, you fuck with me, I fuck with you The other girls:

Millie and Dom are genuinely interested in each other???????????? Cassidy, he doesn’t like you and you wanna go tell her to fuck off?????? this girl is delusional

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