If my Dad has taught me one thing, it’s the love & care of neighbor. He has modeled a humble, servant’s heart all my life. I’m so grateful for his example. Our “Take What You Need, Leave What You Can” community pantry at the church is installed & stocked!

On Sat, the disciples thought all was over. But Jesus' death wasn't the end. It was the greatest love story. My new single Love God Love People reminds us THAT'S what it all comes down to - so get out & love somebody today!

Appreciate you Fam!!! Anytime the Atuaia’s sing, it brings others to action. is down and will be joining you guys as well!!!

Tomorrow (Friday 4/10) my family and I are participating in a worldwide prayer and fast, uniting our human family to seek relief from . Different beliefs, backgrounds, nationalities—only 1 purpose. Thank you for the inspiration

When wickedness an self-ceteredness thrives, how will the virus die?

Checking in on some of our mentees, encouraging friends & delivering meals/snacks whole maintaining social distance Elevate style.

Learn to love without condition. Talk without bad intention. Give without any reason.And most of all ,care for people without any expectation. ✊🏻🙋‍♀️❤️📝 🤗🥳🥳

To everyone currently riding the extremely tough storm of death, bereavement and sometimes unspoken (and) unspeakable grief, I pray, that you will know peace. Lots and lots of peace.

I don't follow Piers Morgan, I don't follow Katie Hopkins, I don't follow Julia Hartley-Brewer, I don't follow Dan Hodges, I don't follow The Sun and I don't follow the Daily Mail. I love people! Take this scum out of your life and you'll love people too! ❤️

Delighted to have been part of this shoot with for . Susan was such a cheery, relaxed person who made me so welcome🏠 Buy a copy of the mag and take a look round her cosy house.❤️

Spread love in the ways you know how to,define yourself not by how much you are loved but how much you love others and not your gadgets. Love people not things and use things not people.

Special day as I was blessed to get to be a part of Alec Weary rededicating his life to the Lord in front of the church and some of his teammates today. 🙏🙏🙏

We have been given a mandate to show our neighbors, and those around us, the same love that God has shown us.

Sometimes I think church folk think being mean is a prerequisite to being saved!!! Announcement ITS NOT!! ! !

Unbelievable quote by the 🐐. "Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." ~Muhammad Ali How are you serving others today??

There are people all around us that are hurting, and are experiencing difficulties ghat we can never really understand. However, we can love them, encourage them, and continue to point them to the One Who can see them through every problem, Jesus Christ.

Hey kids, it's okay to come to church in your pajamas! - So come this Sunday in your best pajamas, and let's celebrate Jesus' birthday together! -

Hanging with Security Santa and Sonja for Hands and Hearts Christmas celebration. This is my 9th year giving popcorn to families.

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