Kai watermarking himself years back because he knew ppl are gonna do dumbsh*t and say he was someone else😂😅

My first offer was a 15 year cap or face 5-99 .. I did what everybody woulda and grabbed that pen to sign for 15 and do like 3.5 every song I make gotta purpose behind it ( no pen ) if you just listen you get.l glimpse of my life this shit so real

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Funny how they hide behind masks, screaming in people’s faces because they can’t debate since they lack the knowledge and they cause destruction.. then hide like cowards. They will be found and crying to their mamas in court to save them

Someone’s expecting... PUPPIES 🐾❤️ Blues Maternity Session was amazing! She did so well and was so happy getting all the lovings and yummy treats. This puppy mama is one happy girl. 💙

Happy birthday mama I love you and miss you like crazy hope u having good time 💙💙

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