I mean honestly this may be my favorite ⁦⁩ song EVER. And I have a lot of favorite Lori McKenna songs. I’m just real glad I don’t have a sister 😭 ❤️

Even if noto race, r go dae on d track against anybodi way wanna run dat- ”. Getting it nice and slow. Respect ✊ and

เมื่อฉันได้ดูคลิปนี้ทำให้ฉันยิ้มทุกที😊 When I watched the clip, it made me smile everywhere. I love you like this🤟❤ ............................... Cr.tiktok

Lol this is from my friend's AU, I just draw one scene from it since it's fun to draw =))) Sorry i'm not so good at English 🙏

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