A new hope for good listeners.Kuddos to this artist who tried to brought a new light in this country.Kindly listen and watch the track SAHARA.I urge you to support him(Debanjan Biswas) Sir.

Always up to no good. Patti Labelle is running high. Running cold. As she took it so low. There was no where to go. Alas, no such new dress. No new hat. Now she got as new move. Running casual scared. Upon you. With her brand new attitude. Beneath table or two

Coolest cloud ever!! Camera didn’t do it justice!! Wow God’s paintbrush is amazing!! ⛳️ 🔥☁️🔥☁️👀😎⛳️

André Rieu – And The Waltz Goes On (composed by: Anthony Hopkins)

Its Casual Day! Thank you! ❤️ I must tell the world who made this @theofficefunkopops with ・・・ check out what our friends over @valleycreekglass have done. @therealkateflannery

"There's a lipstick sunset, smeared across the August sky...a radio was playing, and that 'ol summer heat was on the rise/ I just had to get away, before some sad old song brought more tears to my eyes..."

Marcellus Deshun Hill. First generation Master’s graduate at only 24 years old. 🎓

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