And check out this from the collection that depicts the ! “Oh you should see the Colosseum, Spaniard. 50,000 Romans watching every movement of your sword...”

We wonder what Max would make of this whole lockdown business? What do you think? With

The 3 companies that carry out disability benefit assessments for the government have made almost no progress in the last year on alerting councils to concerns about claimants whose safety is at risk, according to a campaigner.

Tonight 10:30 on YOUTUBE me and talk about the state of comedy during and then Rats me out to my son

Hello everybody 👋 My beautiful t-shirt from kindly organised by our lovely friend I will wear it with pride & share his story with those that ask CH ☺️

The last lot of shirts being packed and then shipped off tomorrow! So glad let’s you pay online! Twitter, you’ve been amazing in helping me to help 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

Mum is thrilled because her t-shirt arrived today, and it was beautifully wrapped too! Thank you to Lewis’s mum for her efforts to help continue their work looking after less fortunate felines

NASA is naming of Saturn's moonlets after cats! Those NASA scientists are smarties! So, I petition to please name moons after Larry and after Gladstone , and after , our dear departed WM stray cat . Who's with me?

We have had a discussion with this morning and The Vicarage Cat is now an official distributor of merchandise. We would ask that you purchase from us or the rescue ONLY. Mum says she’s sorry for being a drama queen. 🥴😳

Just a little teaser for you whilst we work out all the merchandise. Maximus's Legacy.... "Be brave, Be curious & Inspire Love"

Oh my goodness me Maximus 😵 This breaks me. A few years ago someone took this photo when they used to feed Maximus. It makes my stomach flip 😐 I wish to god we had known about you back then 💔

My twibute to Maximus. Mew was bwave stwong had de 💗of a🦁 in de body of a tiny kitty. Run fwee find peace mew has weft pawpwints on ouw heawts.

Dearest Pals Alfie here we are all so very sad 😿 about poor darling Maximus💕 🌈 I was a stray kitty and I just want to say if you see a stray please help them and don’t walk past. you are heroes 👏 🐾🐾💕 🌈

In remembrance of sweet we have changed our profile pic ❤️🐾 We can only imagine how Lucy and the team involved in his rescue and recovery feel today 😥😿 they are all amazing 💖. Rest in Peace sweet Max 🌈💗🐾

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