55yo farmer takes on 27yo daughter in a 15m sprint. After powering of the blocks his legs couldn’t catch up with his head

That one person that only smokes when they’re drunk but does the most with a cigarette when they get it 😂

patients were never lazy, benefit scroungers, mistaken illness belief, attention seeking etc as some in authority tried 2portray We were the doers, the carers, the fixers, the hard workers, the unselfish we’re struggling to find ways 2help others from our beds now & we will

Sudden-onset-virally-induced doesn’t kill in a few days BUT it can render one bed/house bound&invisible for decades, until you die The massive mental health concerns we see now, abt self isolation-fear-anxiety-no effective treatment could have saved many from 5x suicide rate

People with go through all the stages of grief time and time again, one disappointment after another. Hearts are shattered and the world doesn’t know as we are hidden. Researchers are few and underfunded. Living deaths in darkened rooms

Thinking of everyone with who's struggling. For many of us our carefully managed lives are being thrown into disorder, carers are suddenly absent, deliveries of food we rely on are unavailable We're having to isolate ourselves more than ever. 💙2U all

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