It’s gonna be a great night, gotta earn it!birthday month! . . #michaelsantiagoacts #fuerzapuertorriqueño

For our LATINO PEOPLE! We are with you now and forever. . . #michaelsantiagoacts #headshot #modeling

Para el Pueblo LATINO! Estamos contigo ahora y siempre. . . #michaelsantiagoacts #headshot #modeling

GET YOUR TICKETS! . #repost @sixxking ・・・ The most anticipated film of the year “Once Upon A

This is a very big deal for a lot of reasons, you really need to pay attention to this film. it’s

Behind enemy lines, in the heart of the hipster stronghold. . . #michaelsantiagoacts #headshot #modeling

“Monday mornings are the start to you working towards your Dreams!” . Wait, did i just use an inspirational

The Five P’s Homie! . Proper preparation prevents poor performance! . . #michaelsantiagoacts #mealprep

And remember... Smolder! Lol kidding obviously, but enjoy the new HEADSHOT 😎 . . 📸: @tregs11 👈🏼🔥🔥🔥 #michaelsantiagoacts

Thanks @6abcactionnews for the opportunity to talk to you about this great event for the pups! . . #michaelsantiagoacts

Clip from an upcoming film i was in called “The Drop”. Coming soon!! 🎥🎬 . #michaelsantiagoacts

Promo piece i did for a shaving lotion, pretty cool stuff!! . . #michaelsantiagoacts #commercials #modeling

Here’s a fantastic photo about nothing! But hey, brunch and what not 🤷🏻‍♂️. Stay thirsty

There are few things in my life as good as this song! . . #michaelsantiagoacts #goodmusic #daleplay

May you always look your best when you dance! And if you must dance, do it like no one is watching!

OLVERA ST!!! (Yes that’s a churro at the end, it’s the entire reason i was there!) . . #michaelsantiagoacts

Look, I’m not saying this is THE reason to visit Cali, but...🤷🏻‍♂️ . . #michaelsantiagoacts

Holy Shit! I was just introduced to “Pepinos Locos” it’s one of the most amazingly complex delicious

Channeling my inner “John Wick” what motivates you? Is it money, family, power? Truly grateful

Here’s the update video you didn’t ask for, for the surgery you didn’t care about 😂🤷🏻‍♂️ . #michaelsantiagoacts

This is what happens when the strongest avenger goes to the dentist. @robertdowneyjr @joshbrolin @brielarson

This is what happens when the strongest avenger goes to the dentist. @robertdowneyjr @joshbrolin @brielarson

Peace out social media until Saturday night when i finally watch Endgame! . #michaelsantiagoacts #headshot

Ready for the next step of my Amazing journey! . I’m always grateful for the people that are placed

Here’s the Stereotypical non pretentious relevancy seeking selfie that you don’t care about 😂🤳🏽

I leave you with this to ponder, what will you go after tomorrow?! . . #michaelsantiagoacts #headshot