For everyone’s sake, I hope Abdullah Ocalan’s contributions to the cause and pursuit of peace and dignity in the are acknowledged and supported by all sooner rather than later. To many more trips around the Sun...

COVID-19: has listed 603,778 cases, the US and Canada together have 290,219 cases, Asia 115,730 cases and the 70,731 cases

Latifa wanted to tell the world about her and her sister’s two- decade-long struggle for freedom from torture, abuse and oppression. We are making sure her story will be heard everywhere. | | | | |

dont sleep on foreign girls, don’t let this flop 😛

BREAKING: Turkish forces bombard Syrian government positions in Manbij, north Syria

fixed the . I'm confident he'll conquer .

CNV515 UC-12M Huron CNV542 C-40A Clipper GLIDE62 C-130H Hercules SHAFT69 (Heh...) C-21A All over the right now

Oh, phew!! Jared Kushner is on the job! Yay! Guy who brought peace to the is all over . 🙄 😤

The nations of the demonstrate solidarity with the world in Corona crisis, from to to

Princess Latifa is committed to equality, justice and freedom of speech and thought for all human beings. Known in some media as the ‘skydiving princess’, she is a devoted vegan and committed animal rights campaigner. | | | |

Many Oman Air cabin crew were abroad on a layover (a night stop in between flights) when they were informed by management that their employment would be ended ‘due to exceptional circumstances’ The cabin crew will be paid 26 days in lieu

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