Never doubt yourself. You have huge potential deep inside of you. Reach out to it and it will listen to you. It shall help you activate keys that you didn’t even know were there.

Is change bad? Well change jiggling in your pocket may be annoying. BUT A static life with no change is worse, its like razor blades jiggling in your pocket! It ONLY hurts you!

It’s crazy when he be calling other ppl “little ass kids” while he be acting immature like wtf you the little one settle down kid

HUGE shoutout to all of our Indians!! Fantastic job following the COVID guidelines and protocols, and they have been working extremely hard!! 🏀 and at 💪 these young fellas are pushing themselves every rep and competing for that #1% !!!!

People who tell you “you can’t” are only reflecting their own thoughts about their own capabilities.

What is one method you rely on to reduce stress and promote overall ? Comment and let me know! 😁

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