Finally based the Bonepuppy aka Gothizzar Harvester - he’s just picking up skulls like the good bonereaper roomba he is. Oh! The little gitz boi needs to run much faster.

You will see how the will be packed into the plastic tray/insert

Taking my first steps into 3d, this is batch 2. First batch failed, these look good. I got some clean up to do.

Bulma and Goku in the Capsule 9 Motorbike finished. Fun personal project :) had it sitting around half finished for too long! Box art in the reply :)

Another 3D printed figure from my friend 3DPrintingAdventures. This figure is the Nephilim giant from Thingyverse.

Okay, final composition for this, I think... There are a few other items to be placed during final assembly, which are not shown here... I don’t want to give you everything at such an early stage! 😂

Finished a pretty gory Maggotcrown Ogre Juggernaut from ! I've been wanting to paint this guy for awhile now and I finally got the chance to so it.

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