— At least 5 rockets were fired at airfield in early on Thursday morning, at around 5:40am, said Tareq Arian, spokesman. A vehicle was destroyed, but there were no immediate of casualties, he added.

It’s all about for - stuff the 6 million that gain from the legislation

A tiny shoot! Planted some tomato seeds last Friday. Three out of five pots are showing signs of growth. ?

should trace those who wonders on streets without any obligation via this scare crow. We are not people of instructions.....

Looking for daily statistics? Department of Health () or view statewide statistics on a map. Multilingual resources : Nuevo coronavirus, BienestarWA, Chinese , Russian: , Vietnamese: Corona , Korean:

I only have faith in one thing and one thing only 😁

"Before you criticize others weigh your words, others may not be offended by your words but you would be simply showing your true colors" Minister of Health الاخلاق ثمينة

So The Stimulus Money No De3 We Chop Some A Eno Good Erhh? What Be Water Bill?

Just getting released from kamiti, ati alienda wapi?

No way. My son is the biggest WWE fan- know many other special needs kids that are also fans. We pay 10 bucks a month and it is worth it. We watched wrestle mania tonight. Undertaker buried AJ Styles.

A country like kenya cannot give out free masks or gloves to its citizen when died he used to be changed suits and shoes daily wat nonsense of govt is this # wake up to reality u still choose the same govt over and over again💔💔💔💔💔🤧

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