| Amy Adams making faces and mouths while talking to some fans 💛

We Are NOT Our Ancestors. However, we ARE DECEDENT'S. WISER. STRONGER. & We meet the Battle HEAD ON. NO MORE Shall we Bend, Budge or Buckle. Since THEY didnt want us to take a knee or be peaceful; we'll speak the COLONIZERS LANGUAGE from now on ✊🏾❤🖤💛💚.

Not feeling my best in this picture but can’t find a better one so it will have to do😔

There's about 2 months ago now all the cameras have done a tracking-out because of need of social distance.I can't wait to hear that filmings are gonna resume and safe, for the sake of our industry. But only Dad knows when the devil & us will get out of this hell.

A cloudy day over Tampa Bay 🥰. I don't mind a little 🌦️.

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