Political game was letting the House bill sit on your desk for 12 weeks & then you "throw something together" because you don't care if Americans die or are homeless because this was horrendously mishandled by and the . Own it Mitch!!!

Russia's vaccine once again proves President Vladimir Putin as the strongest man in the world and as the most develop scientific center in the world. Lets see how it works out. Congratulations VLAD!

You’re funny. They aren’t letting you spend our money on your friends and you don’t like it, do you ?

You like putin so much because you are A all you care about is getting your name on a building in and you are willing to hand our country to a to get what you want when he is done with you he will kill you just for your info

Russia announces world's first Covid-19 vaccine, from Russia - Gamaleya institue Le 's reaction :-

Happy to announce that my poster 'Australia Bushfire' has been selected for the 6th Moscow Poster Competition in Russia 🇷🇺.

8 Aug 1945: Foreign Minister Vyacheslav receives the , Naotake , in and issues a declaration of war. The declaration takes effect the next day, August 9.

Everyone has to make time to visit Park Fili. It is especially beautiful this time of year

"A complete pivot to a pro-Western administration in would solidify ’s losing battle against the encroachment of ’s influence." From Sim Tack ()

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