“She said you’ll never find a gyal like me again... durrrrrr dat the whole point” 🤷🏽‍♂️🤣

has a new track called “Memphis” being released on Thursday. has recently dropped music and is soon to release with . Return of the Spartans incoming?

has threatened to f*** up drill if this post on his IG gets 80K likes. has also posted on his page. Are we ready?

When said “I don't trust myself little nigga that's brave, If I ever go broke I'mma rob from my safe” I knew, the only person that’s got me is myself

I only go back and forth with the chicks I like, nah, I'm joking, I'm moist and I'm kinda shy. But I just mixed my drinks so I feel the vibe. I'm so drunk, I might DM Jorja Smith tonight 🎶📱

One year ago today kicked off his two sold out shows. Both gigs were epic, with guest appearances from , , , + more 🔥 Who was there?

Mostack - loyal, best song of 2020 so far 👏🏽🎵

Detective Thread (3/3) Fight for Your Right - from his new album: Big Conspiracy... Here’s the conspiracy part; Hus said “I was a real nigga till I fucked my nigga’s girl,” Coincidence I think NOT!! J Hus jeeted ’s girl, issa big conspiracy!

Detective Thread (1/3) These are lyrics taken from the new song: “Loyal” The underlined lyrics in pink are the ones to remember.

Producer duo who are behind some of the chart hits from the likes of and headline our Christmas party next week Friday playing a fusion of their multi-genre productions 👌🎄🎅💃 Info & Guestlist:

Thank you 🙌🏽 For only £28.50 we had Other musicians take note, this is how it’s done! 🐐

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