Job Opportunity: Senior Developer - . A fantastic opportunity to join a market-leading SaaS provider in Europe with an exciting future and growth.

Bayern Munich Vs Liverpool, 1981 European Cup Semi-final and Ray Kennedy Captains Liverpool. A World Class midfielder, big and strong, with a left foot that could shoot with power or... lay inch-perfect passes all over the field.

Watched . Felt it was a bit underwhelming, especially the end. They should have shown the killing of Ali Hassan Salameh. But man, Israel, what a country. Mossad, superb. Operation Wrath of God. That's how you respond to terrorists who kill your innocent citizens!

After a brief COVID 19 hiatus, we are back for the best of five series! Playing two games today and two tommorow should wrap up the semis, and then Friday we will begin the Losers Bracket final!!

There are currently 7 devices visible to the Paxcounter in the office - Connected via to the .

Ancient amphora with owl from , . 500 BC. Inscribed is 螖螘螠螣危螜螣危 "from people". The owl was a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and Athens. Sacred bird of the goddess and protector of Greek armies going to war. of Antiquites, ,

New episode is out! 馃摙 settles with a 鈥 EU recommends fact checked 鈥 sees the light again 鈥 's new terminal 鈥 GUI apps in 鈥 Who dis?

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