"Now Playing Dorrough Ft Chalie Boy - Ice Cream Paint Job Remix

I will be very happy if you rate this guy, he is just a novice beatmaker, here are links to him on YouTube and SoundCloud: ,

Fettling, refining, fiddling, tweaking, undo, redo, add, delete, pace around, it’ll never be 100% finished and I’ll never be 100% happy with it, but I’ve gotta draw a line at some point. 16 tracks, 1 hour and 4 minutes, the recording of ‘Combat Guitar’ is done!

Apr. 7, 1984 Phil Collins was #1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock singles chart with the song, 'Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)'.

What's on your playlist today? Cranking up The Mary Jane Girls 'All night long' in the garden😄 drowns out the chainsaws. The healing power of ,it has a way of opening our hearts & helps us feel more connected to others & the world around us.💜

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is joined by Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles for a version of the band's 1986 smash, 'Manic Monday', in the latest installment of his new weekly cover song series, 'No Fun Mondays'.

Track ID: Lukas Bohlender - Lagom (Orchestra Version) Chronical Deep Recreation Testing my abilities. Note: For educational use only.

One of my favorites— the concert hall parking lot even his is empty 😢

Jyst eistedd ar wal yn yr haul 2m ar wahan yn cloncan gyda cymydog fi Dave Datblygu..sitting on a wall, a respectable distance apart, chatting with my neighbour - the legend that is Dave Datblygu. Feels like the most 'normal' thing I've done for a while

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