You can bring 3 of these people back to life. Who are you going to choose?

June 2, 2006 Muscle Shoals Sound Studios is added to the National Historic Register.

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One of the biggest source of inspiration on this world has been put to use.

涔呫呫伄Guava Dub Band馃嚡馃嚨馃馃嚡馃嚥 Dedicating life to music is very valuable. no boundaries.

happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock

禄-(炉`路.路麓炉)-> ~馃幖~ 饾摋饾摢饾摴饾摴饾攤 饾摚饾摼饾摦饾摷饾摥饾摢饾攤 馃叺馃唩馃吀馃叴馃吔馃叧馃唫 鈥滒潛滒潛攫潛拣潛拆潛 饾攢饾摢饾摷 饾摱饾攤 饾摶饾摦饾摨饾摼饾摪饾摦. 饾摌 饾摤饾摳饾摼饾摰饾摥 饾摤饾摶饾摢饾攢饾摰 饾摬饾摲饾摻饾摳 饾摻饾摫饾摦 饾摷饾摴饾摢饾摤饾摦 饾摣饾摦饾摻饾攢饾摦饾摦饾摲 饾摻饾摫饾摦 饾摲饾摳饾摻饾摦饾摷 饾摢饾摲饾摥 饾摤饾摼饾摶饾摰 饾摱饾攤 饾摣饾摢饾摤饾摯 饾摻饾摳 饾摰饾摳饾摲饾摦饾摰饾摬饾摲饾摦饾摷饾摷.鈥 ~ 饾摐饾摢饾攤饾摢 饾搻饾摲饾摪饾摦饾摰饾摳饾摼.

Come and see 馃挳釛搬棿釖狪釕庒棯釛┽炊岽馃挳's LIVE in : TASK JUNE : ARTS CREATIVE 鉁馃檹馃徏

Maybe I am using this one as a background for a future song. It looks so nice in my opinion.

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