What!?!?! for only $36!!! Rockstar good juice from an old favorite of ours, @baroloellena brought to us by Come by and grab some bottles before this hidden gem is gone!

hi monty! it’s funny to be lumped in the same name-calling tweet as . i don’t agree w/ him on any of those issues, fwiw. anyway glad you’ve discovered but not sure why it seems to infuriate you like this

naturalness - meaning the opposite of adulteration - is an issue in wine production. also in production of bread, meat, cheese, gin, shampoo, etc. it’s normal to talk about . it’s weird we don’t usually append “natural” to all these other things

Great question! After harvest, can you use a mechanical press? Stainless fermenters? Glass bottles? Will you ship it on a truck? If you’re not personally scavenging wild grapes and letting them ferment in a raccoon stomach, it’s not truly ‘natural’ wine.

This is FANTASTIC.🤣 “This is a shy wine.. so I’m gonna hide it.” “If you stumble across a hut that maybe oxen were stored in.” “.. maybe this has been amputated.” “

Momento Mori - Fistful of Flowers 2016. Pretty old for a natural wine. Super cloudy and like drinking nectar. 💥 #🍷

Shop on Brockley road open today until 12-3 then 6-10pm One person in the shop at a time please, respect the personal space of others.

"The 'perfect marriage' of food and wine should allow for infidelity." - Roy Andries De Groot

Took to isolation wine #6 a bit earlier amongst the flutter of Been following as adventures on Check this out: Loved the biscuity nose on day two, the flavours went to & fro, but gee interesting

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