Getting to here was a feat of endurance in itself. Walk, climb, scramble and piggy back. 🧗‍♀️ But the journey was worth it.

is where we go to regenerate & reinvigorate ourselves. Where do we go when it's gone?

Was lucky to spend a couple of hours yesterday morning with these adorable baby Rabbits.

❦Aim to relflect into the world the color of tranquility from the mirror of your heart. ~Anne Scottlin

Black frogs (Breviceps fuscus) are fascinating creatures, but look like unhappy avocados

Grateful to live in a quiet, peaceful (and pretty!) neighborhood where it's safe to walk around. 3 miles this afternoon to burn off some anxiety.

, the one thing you can rely on to make you feel better 🧡❤️

Hello ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ Have a safe and amazing week everyone✨🎵🍀 I hope one day soon everything will be back to normal soon 🙏🍀 Pictures from my walk 🚶 this morning

is playing a important role. People are enjoying seems gorgeous ! 🌳🍂🌳🍂🌳

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