LOUDER, HARDER, BETTER I present to you my new debut album, it's already out now. You can listen to it on any digital music platform

Our new album "Beautiful War" will be release soon. Stay tune. Still be wild.

"If the music you're writing isn't from your heart, the song isn't right. Try again." • New album out on 11th July! Cant wait to share it with you all!! Stay tuned for more updates! •

I've been saying 'soon' for a long time...but this week? Watch this space...😉

Take a “Kulture Walk” Embrace the 🌍 Respect the Culture 🙏🏼 Appreciate the Differences 🙌🏼 Above all.. LOVE each other ❤️ 🙏🏼❤️🌍🎼🙌🏼

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