Least u know how bitter sweet it is to live in the WIDE OPEN 📸

Right. My dad taught me how to clean a shotgun when I was five. You may have been shooting before you were in high heels, but I'm guessing today you can shoot straight wearing high heels.

🏀 was a slam dunk! Thanks to everyone at this year's & thank you to Tiffany Williams, GSK spokesperson & advocate for bringing her A game!

Yesterday, H told me that my birthday gift was going to be at his hockey practice. He was going to win the drill for me. He did....every single time. Thanks bud!

If wins this game, it’s likely because of beauty of a double peel

Here's a simple goal w/ a nice simple pass from my partner in a game of Rocket League.

Another nice clip from a member of ! Just check out this slick little move from ! Very nice!

Typical supporter wants our police (Sons & Daughters) to risk there lives further & arrest people wearing suicide vests. You couldn’t make this up.....

If you haven't heard has a new look thanks to the and for helping to spread the word.

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