𝘊𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵 Prevailingly bitter, texture is soft, sour start and umami end; bitter first letter, a nutty tasting last letter.

Little friend always here eating away. I swear one of these times he’ll eat the damn raisin. (I don’t neither BUT) 🤣 He’s getting a little

is like putting sugar in a petrol tank. It seizes up. That's what it's done in this country. Says the fucking idiot who's never worked and sits round watching tv sky will have no cause to see the extensive

Yep. Everyone is appointed as a prophet to the world of 7th century BC Judah.

Drove the Dems berserk. Worth every second. .

This week’s has tickled us... it has got us thinking though. What kind of drunk are we? I like to think I’m a kind of drunk 😹😹🚿 ?? 🚿 🚿

Tiger nuts! Impulse seed purchase...but they are working! Anyone else grown these/what to expect/best conditions etc? Quite proud they look like they’re doing well in the

20% off! It’s time to go nuts over our nut oil’s… In-store only, while supplies last. @ Olive Oil Divine

Theyre..oddly adorable. As long as I'm not their target. 😎

Just finished watching ...just so weirdly entertaining 😂😂

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