~•🌟🌹New Oc🌹🌟 •~ HEY HEY HEY ! ( oui j'aime commencer toutes mes publications comme ça

Join #chii1k i really love her style TuT sorry for my bad anatomy and shading T~T #ibispaintx #ibispaintuser

кароче я больше не хочу иметь дело с мечтой всем дасвидания может

Another OC! Her names Amy! This is the first OC I've done with hands so I hope it looked ok. Bye! . . . #oc

BNHA OC MAKEOVER((Is what In gonna call my art improvement posts for now)). But I had this oc for I

Forever we make a good company 🥰💕 Aria/Specter (c)Me #art, #myart, #chibi, #couple, #oc, #myoc,

Was working on painting mushies, then decided to make an illustration ٩꒰ಂ❛ ▿❛ಂ꒱۶♡ My

🌼Yahooooo 🌼. . Esta vez fue el turno del color amarillo , esta semana empiezan mis exámenes 😭así

After moving away to Oklahoma as a sophomore in high school, and living in New York for the last 2 years

This is my oc Amora! I'm still in the developing her story. _ _ _ _ #oc #drawing #sketch #doodle #ocgirl

A lil gift for the best bf in the world that makes me happy and that i enjoy being wit him all the time🌱 • • #drawingonpaper

She’s my oc, her name is Minus 😬 . . . #ocart #ocsheet #myoc #charactersheet #characterdesigns

Hello pessoal 😋 eu demoro mais apareço em... Antes tarde do que nunca né 😂 . . . #kawaiiart

Yes I'm stalling for doing request/trades again but I had this oc in my mind for a long time. But here's

Ok when you are at Beautycon LA and you begin forming a Disney line encouraging others to get in line

Hey les gens!❤️ Alors c’est Elia habillée avec l’uniforme du film de Melanie Martinez @littlebodybigheart

uwu] . . Estaba aburrida y quería hacer algo con mas forma y menos encerrado en mi cubito,pero esto

This was going to be the character for the moodboard with @elijah_drawss buuut I wasn't really happy

Well just another vent and dont spam my acc pls anyways eh i tried🌱 • • #drawingonpaper #artswork

Finished piece of yesterday’s sketch. - - - - - #mlp #mlpedit #mlpadopt #mlpoc #mlpedits #mlpfanart

Una Hikaru en mi estilo de SVTFOE. Queda bien en cualquier estilo que sea dibujada ay 😭 Espero les

♡Up in the clouds♡ So here's another drawing I recently made. It's an oc of mine basically just

So... This is my new OC... I don't realy like drawing cute charakters, but I think it's ok, isn't it?

MoonShine's mini comics-Moon being embarassed by her boyfriend. #debbehoc #moon #sun #sunshine #moonshine

Something for y'all to wait until the #wip is done because of my lazy ass. . . . . #myart #myartwork

🌼〰️v〰️i〰️💚〰️b〰️🤑〰️r〰️💚〰️a〰️s〰️😜 #FBF

The Princess of the Underworld, Irene Reficul. . . . . . Idkw my art style keeps on changing :'))

It's ya boi ✌👽 OC cosplay of my character named Ari 💙🎶🎤 I actually felt so cute as her?

One of my friends oc’s, I’m kinda proud of the sweater — #oc #digitalart #art #originalcharacter

@the_one_stuck_in_time 's oc Shes pretty and I love ur flower lady And you should follow @the_one_stuck_in_time

“A girl who cuts her hair is about to change her lifes” -Coco Channel 🔥🔥🔥 I was so hesitant

-Mr. Sunshine~ Forget about Moon,I'm way cuddlier than that walking,talking human disaster- •Spica,

Wake up with naturally flushed colored lips 🥰👄👄👄👄 #lipstick💄 #pmu #pmulips #pmutraining

Law holds a photo of Kira when she was 6 years old 😍🤗❤️ #gaarakira #noamizu #cosplay98girl

Here is a painting I did of my Oc Marie with her Scissor blades. She is a witch so she has that dark

A little less than 4 hours to go! These beauties will be available in the shop at 4 pm PST. Our Glitzy

When your favorite song comes on and you're feeling like a million dollars 😁 . . . #instaart #instaartist

Ma ptite Laura, le crouqis date de janvier, mais j'aimais trop ce dessin pour le laisser de côté,

My OC Jenny. She is the leader of Gaming Club world. She was antagonist, but changed after finding her

Another sketch in my sketchbook, planning on turning a couples of these into finished pieces so stay

Getting settled in school but I did this for a new oc before getting more turnarounds done Her names

She lights up my world, one dimpled smile at a time.

How fun is this?! 👏 Download our NEW SeneGence Virtual Reality Makeup app. #glamgallerybeauty #makeuplover

Sorry for not posting guys but I am on vacation for a few days and I don't have that much time to draw.

Okay sorry for not posting for a while-. (not rlly sorry bc i have school and stuff) I tried posting

♡ ꜜ | a bit in rush doing this one, the art style was inspired by a webtoon called Orange Studio

♡ ꜜ | oh wow this is reaal old but well I suppose why not..? the body wasn't finished lmao that's

♡ ꜜ | hooopla! opening my old drawings, this is my OC! the name's Nevoiré and she's umm.. the goddess

Low key probably going for the perm 💁🏻‍♀️ why not #curlyhair #ombrehair #workout #ocgirl

《GET AT IT》 On our way back from #WallaWallaWA @chefyuji asked where we should stop for dinner.

It’s only a lil doodle but I’m in love with her ^^ . . . #ocart #oc #ocgirl #girloc #animalears

One of my first lineart drawings ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ #anime #animegirl #hipster #cute #cutehipster

OOF THE QUALITY Top right: Best friends Top left: Friends Bottom right: Acquaintances Bottom left:

❤️✨This is a before and after I’m so proud of this ✨❤️╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ this makes me

Challenge #18. This is the last I'll do of the challenge just because. ★ ♥ ★ ♥ #Theredheadlyra

Finding the right way is much easier now. This is the first time when Dolores showes up in my gallery.

☆ So I was trying out a new art style and this kinda happened? ☆ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #oc

My OCs crossover. Finally I drew Minty's face just like I wanted, jeez it took a long time to work out. All

Some OCs once again ❤ JoJo and Laura this time. · · · #myartwork #artwork #myartstyle #artstyle