Finished this little guy today! Oil on canvas 9 x 7 #oilpainting #oilpaintings #oilpaintingoncanvas


【今日の落書き】熊づくし 時間無かったのに、熊の可愛いポーズ見つけちゃったので、描ききってしまいました(´・ω・`)✨✨めっちゃ愛嬌やわ~😳✨✨

I'm really having fun experimenting with transparency, especially in the shadows! . This helps to create

Fast'n easy little summer painting... with unintended joke 😬 I guess you'll find this at Positions

Sketch week! By: Liebner-Anthony van Zyl - - - - - - - #artfairs #artonpaper #artist #art #artistlife

Midnight Adventure Club, 48”x60”, Oil and spray paint on canvas. I don’t think I’ve posted this

Part 1 of a small study I’m doing :) trying to stay as loose as possible and practicing color mixing!

Did this concept drawing and color study a little over a month ago. Figuring out drawing and color problems

"Chenille Firetail and Max", oil on canvas, 14 x 10 in. I am fascinated by the atmosphere created by

. . . In Greek mythology a poor farmer once welcomed Zeus and Hermes into his home and in return was

Декоративно-прикладное искусство в деле! Вторая работа

Finally another one. Light was changing fast and it started to rain, but managed to finish this in

Florencia Troisi at the Pineapple Gallery in Bishop Auckland #art #spanishartgallery #spanishart #bishopauckland

Nuovo #ritratto realizzato in questi tre giorni da me durante il corso di #pittura con una mia allieva

Collection of items in studio caught my eye. “Adirondack Chairs” 6x6” available, dm for info. #adirondackchair

Early morning ‘Pasture Class’ with intermittent critiques. Doesn’t get much better than hanging

Collection of items in studio caught my eye. “Adirondack Chairs” 6x6” available, dm for info. #adirondackchair

This debut exhibition for ZYNKA Gallery is a survey of art, happening NOW, in Pittsburgh and will feature

The summer exhibition is over. Thank you all for the visit and the good times shared. Now it is my

Check out this oil on canvas depicting a waterfront town by Carmelina Alberino Di Capri (Italian, 1920-2004)(signed

Sei bella... forse ancor di più di come ti ho immaginata nella mia testa 🍃. #workinprogress #oilpainting

Landscape, Tulip, City Light Something I painted today. Experimenting with different styles. #originalwork

Oil on canvas by Vietnam artist Vu Dung - Size : 100cm x 100cm #eyegallery #vudung #vietnamartist #vietnampainting

Repost from @santinigallery using @RepostRegramApp - What a fun night this was! David Casey and Sara

تکنیک : طراحی روی کاغذ اثر اوریجنال خانم ظهیری شماره های

Sneak peek of a work in progress oil painting by @niels.corfitzen "Shades of Time" for @stonesparrownyc

"Осенний Алтай" (холст,масло) 22.08.19 #painting #oilpainting #oil #canvas #landscape

#workinprogress Based on three original Dutch Floral Still Life’s overlapped as a triple exposure.

Пишу еще кое что для продажи) можете заказать подобные

"I dream my painting and I paint my dream" 💙✨. . . . #oil #oilart #oilpaint #oilpainting #paint

Odise Dimushi | Oil painting on canvas Tittle : The Bear Paw #artsketchink #art #abstractrealism #abstract

“THE SIGHT OF AURORA” 💫💫💫💫💫 . . 💃🏻✨Sold out!🛍🎀 . . DM to place your

⬅️🦋Swipe left for more artworks🦋 . . Acrylic paintings☺️.. Hope you like!!💞 . . . 🛒🎁Contact

THROWBACK 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣0️⃣ 👩🏻‍🎨Hi everybody, hope you all great💖, This is

⬅️🦋Swipe left for more artworks🦋 . . 👩🏻‍🎨Hi everybody!!✨Here are some quick mix

👩🏻‍🎨Hello everybody, Here’s my new work 🎨🖌✨🌈 . . 🌷Title - “Enchanted”🌷 🌸Acrylic

👩🏻‍🎨Hi everybody, hope you all great☺️, Here’s my new work, Title- “what is beyond”

🌸Swipe left for the artwork⬅️ . Title- “Blush series” . . 💐Chalks on grey smooth paper🖼 . . 🌈Quick

Title - “Breaking Chains” 🏇🏻🐎🏇🏻🐎🏇🏻 . . 👩🏻‍🎨Hi everyone☺️,

📸Swipe left for more pictures👈 . . . 👩🏻‍🎨commissioned work🖍 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ . . ⏳90+

Hi everybody ☺️, hope you all great✨🧡, so here’s my new work “the wild cat” 🐯💛 . . 📲Send

In The Middle Of The South Pacific Huiles sur toile – Format 100/50cm #artsnewss #artwork #abstractart

IN THE HEAT FALL Huiles sur toile – Format 100 / 80 cm #artsnewss #artwork #abstractart #abstractpainting

IN THE HEAT FALL Huiles sur toile – Format 100 / 80 cm #artsnewss #artwork #abstractart #abstractpainting

JOURNÉE D’AUTOMNE Huiles sur toile – Format 116/81 cm #artsnewss #artwork #abstractart #abstractpainting

A FANTASTIC WORLD Huiles sur toile – Format 116/81 cm #artsnewss #artwork #abstractart #abstractpainting