I completed these two paintings earlier today... My “mischief Twins” A visual representation of the sign of the times One offers a fading innocence with a optimistic point of view while the other offers happiness with a cost. 2020.

: scribble 05. oil pastel i order just came so i tried it right away. this is my first time working with oil pastel so hehe. i clearly suck at colors.

I need a lot of practice but we trying 😭 I also need a new type of paper that works better for 🧡

more abstract oil pastel drawings based on photos taken through a face mask ⭐

An drawing I did in a couple of hours featuring the Honk Squad of Dominic on the left, Alex on the right. These lovely boys cheer me up alot.

There's still time to see the show at this weekend! It closes tomorrow Sun 16th, 3pm. You'll find inspiring artworks in , , , & any other - what better way to spend the time when it's wet & windy outside!

New display of oil pastel art in C-hallway. Check out these gorgeous close-ups of animal eyes and flowers done by Art 1’s ♥️🎨

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