Safe in Austin’s mission of “Saving lives, and healing hearts” has always been very clear to me. Offer friendship and healing to anyone that needs it, especially children that share the same stories of abuse, neglect, or special needs as our rescue animals. AND..... do it at no cost, because everyone (and we are very serious about the Everyone part) deserves love, no matter if they can afford it or not! Period. I knew this was possible because I watched an animal heal parts of my sons heart. I witnessed the miracles that came from their unconditional friendship, and we knew we had to share this kind of healing connection with as many people as possible. The “saving lives” part is obvious, but the “healing hearts” aspect looks different with every visitor. For Zach here, it looks a lot like finding independence in a place surrounded by friends! Zach has autism and volunteers with us from 9-12 every Monday morning. His first visit was a game changer when we watched him ignore all previous sensory issues and befriend Peter instantly with a kiss! The changes and growth we have seen in him since he started volunteering have been incredible. Recently, he surprised us all again when he threw out his normal strict and regimented schedule so he could finish helping me with a private tour! His Dad said he couldn’t believe what was happening. He ignored the fact that it was noon completely and finished his commitment of introducing his rescue animal friends to our visitors. Autism parents everywhere know what a big deal a sudden calculated change in routine really is! We are just so very proud of you, Zachary!! #whatweareallabout   #savinglives   #healinghearts   #autismadvocate   #autismmom   #onevisitoratatime   #safeinaustinrescueranch   #safeinaustinfamily  

We got several boxes today with cleaning supplies and random things from our Amazon wishlist! Thank you so much everyone that donated! I really need to remember to mention the Amazon Wishlist more because I know it is a convenient way for some people to help out! We go through A LOT of basic supplies each week, so someone remind me every once in a while to post the link, ok?!! ☺️ We also got this package of cards from the kids that came out with @generationserve and their Service Learning Program! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! Totally made my day! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #changingtheworld   #onevisitoratatime   #communitiescomingtogether   #safeinaustinrescueranch  

Stage 3 Recovery Room for last place teams #OutofLast   #OneVisitoratatime   #ImGud   #Pileofclothes   #WinSzn   #ComebackSzn   #Pirateleague   06010 @matthewberrytmr @espn @nfl

Moved into this little studio apartment until the house is done 👍 #onevisitoratatime   #igloo   #christmasinmarch   #thebigsnow2018   #welookveryhappy   and5yearsold @sarahcurran_xo

Ripoff is sick so I am sitting with him, and he is not much of a talker so I brought a book. Yes his halter his orange, the water pail is orange and so is my coat..... is that a surprise....really. #onevisitoratatime   #hopehegetsbetter   #hehatesneedles💉   #havenisoutsidepacing   #willowsconstructionltd   #orangeteam  

Stacia has started her first chemo. #teamstacia   #breastcancer   #starlasarmy   #breastcancersucks   #onevisitoratatime